Travel Agents Still Exist?

I didn’t even think travel agencies existed anymore. Doesn’t everyone just use the internet?

Don’t know why my dad would stash this guy’s business card in his prayer rug. Who’s Hariz Qahir anyway?

Can You Read This?

My dad can. I guess that’s pretty cool. Arabic characters look way prettier than our alphabet.

Dad’s pretty good at shaking hands but kissing babies?

VIP House Guest

I knew things would be weird with dad back, but they keep getting weirder. How would you like the Secret Service making sure your house was “clear”?

Judging by the conversations I’m not supposed to hear, this is just the beginning.

A New Look

Cut this out of a magazine. I’d love to go for that style. Cut it short and be all mod but there’s no way unless I iron this mess on my head first. Mom would flip!

Easy for her to say she likes my hair the way it is — hers is perfect.


My Dad

My friend said he looks like the guy from Edward Sharpe. Ha! I see a bit Charles Manson/Homeless dude.

America’s new (super)hero at his grossest.

But srsly, I can’t get his stupid POW picture out of my head. I hate thinking about what it was like over there. I wanna ask him, but it’s never the right time.

Is there ever a right time? We’ll see.


I’ve decided to endeavor on a bit of a research project. Hypothesis: Christians and Muslims pray to the same God.

Did you know Jesus is in the Quran? And they call him The Messiah!


That lady my dad was just with showed up at my house screaming. She was super whacked out and kept repeating herself. WTF.

Is anyone in my life not crazy?


Mike was sooo awkward when we went to pick up my dad the other day. From this far away they kinda almost look like the same person. Ick.